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Over 64,000 people in Ireland are affected by dementia. This figure is rising at an unprecedented rate and it is estimated that it will double by 2050. Are the number of diagnoses grow, so does our understanding of this condition and our ability to assist those who are suffering with it. Behind these figures are real people who need expert care and Clannad Care understand the challenges they and their loved ones face, and we are here to help.

What is Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care?

At Clannad Care we prioritise a relationship-centred approach to our dementia care. Our aim is to ensure you our your loved one can remain safe and at home. Our consistent approach builds confidence and trust between our carers and clients which is the foundation to all quality care.

Our tailored care plans will assist in the following ways:

Provide nutritious meals or mealtime activities to encourage a consistent healthy eating

Provide social interaction

Provide and help participate in stimulating activities

Encourages and enhancing physical and mental health

Builds self esteem

Allows family or loved ones to take a break from caring responsibilities

Benefits of Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care

Early diagnosis and recognition of Dementia and associated diseases such as Alzheimer’s will allow greater understanding of the conditions and gives families time to adjust and create new routines to support the patient. There is currently no cure for dementia but ongoing research brings hope for better treatments and cures in the future.

Employing expert care allows for a better quality of life for patients and their loved ones. It also ensures the burden of care is not carried by one person but it shared to reduce the load and ensures the well being of all involved.

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    “I look forward to the girls coming. They’re more than my carers, we’ve become great friends over the years and their help and companionship make my days brighter.”

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